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would you like to recollect more precisely  to floated away by the thoughts of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhayay  on this rain at Ratt Mohona on the  subornorekah  river bed ..or sitting idle at most ordinary Phuldungry .. may be  you can  find your yourself at Duarsini somewhere  near Satgurung river or may just standing on the bridge at Subornorekha  looking on hills near by just getting wet ,,,wet & completely soaked  by the rain drops along with the nature  can make you feel that you are just a tiny parts of that nature itself and helps you to forgot of being proud as human being  but felt more proud to be one of them , just simply One of them  ,feel them closely  makes you more lively than never ever & swept away by the world most precious  feeling  of earth   ...

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