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– “A Pristine sea beach” fringed with dense forest of Tamarisk trees.

About Tajpur :

An unexploited clean beach, infested with infinite number of red crabs who play hide and seek in the sand welcomes you to Tajpur. The presence of red crabs makes the beach look crimson.The fishermens village in the vicinity and the charming blue lagoon located within few meters from the beach is an added attraction now a days  its got squized a lot. The place is a perfect weekend destination to get oneself refreshed with nature after a long and busy daily mundane schedule. A lazy walk by the sea-shore with cool dips in the water, the red crabs coming out of their hiding places, the sunrise and the sunset – all sums up to enchant a tourist. The picturesque landscape is enriched by the presence of dense casuarina forest, twittering of various birds, lagoon, fishing harbor, and endless blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.

To Reach Tajpur :

Tajpur by Train:
 On Regular basis trains are available from Howrah to Digha. The nearest rail station to reach Tajpur is Ramnagar , you can come down from  Digha-railway station also but 25 kms more  than Ramnagar . From the station private taxis are readily available.
Train Schedule :
 2857  Tamralipta Express   Howrah Dep. Time 06:40 AM
 2847 Duranto Express   Howrah Dep. Time 11:15 AM
8001 Kandari Express 
  Howrah Dep. Time 02:15 PM
 5721 Paharia Express (Only Saturday)  
 Howrah Dep. Time 07:50 AM

Tajpur by Road:

 Regular buses are available from Kolkata (Esplanade), Howrah and other Districts of West Bengal & Orissa to reach Tajpur.  You need to get down at Balisai Bus Stop, and avail private pickup facility.

By own vehicle
 you can go Via NH – 6(Bombay Road) Kolkata - Kolaghat:  72kms. Kolkata - Nandakumar: 101kms. Kolkata - Contai: 154kms. Kolkata - Chaulkhola: 165kms. Kolkata - Balisai (Alampur): 173kms.

 Location :
 Tajpur is a virgin beach inPurbaMedinipur, West Bengal,India on the shore of Bay of Bengal (near Digha). It is about 12 Kms before Digha (from Kolkata) and is set between Mandarmoni and Digha. Tajpur is 170 Kms from Kolkata (State Capital, West Bengal)

 Best Season :
 Tajpur can be visited all through out the year and each season decorates this magical sea coast with its diversified majestic beauty.

Staying At Tajpur  :

There are a number of hotels & Resorts  available offering good Bengali food and relaxed environment.
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